Manual Western logic and discours. Terrorist or lonely gunmen?

Muslim shooter = terrorist, all muslims are responsible and should apologize, islam needs to change

Black shooter = gangviolence, the black community has issues and needs to reflect

American sniper slaughtered 160 Iraqi’s = national hero

American drones kill 400 Pakistani, Afghani children = enemy combatants

White cops = kill 96 unarmed black men each year in the US = self defence, don’t even get charged or indicted, walk free

White shooter = lonely gunmen, has mental issues, no one is responsible

Israel =  kills 527 children in 3 weeks time = self defence

US invasion foreign sovereign country = kills hundredthousands Iraqi civilians = spreading democracy

Western backed UN sanctions = kill 500.000 Iraqi children in the 90’s = Sad, but necessary (Madeleine Albright)


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